Learning Management System (LMS)


Learning Management System (LMS)

Give your trainers, educators and learners access to learning resources to facilitate learning anytime and anywhere with the latest Learning Management System (LMS) from ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management  (KM) Division!

LMS solutions are customizable online learning applications that help your organization manage content, performance, class schedules and other learning interactions.  LMS solutions can also host a virtual classroom where members of your learning community can actively engage and communicate with one another.  The virtual classroom allows online real-time video teaching reinforced by fundamental features such as a whiteboard with screen and file sharing. While the Integrated LMS Software can serve as a repository of resources, class records, performance reports, modules and references relevant to your learning community, the Learning Management Portal allows administrators, educators and learners search for, upload and download materials.  

An LMS is an advantage for any organization.  It can boost learning effectiveness by allowing for individualized learning plans adjusted to meet students’ specific needs and objectives.  It provides teaching and training staff access to centralized learning, tracking and reporting features, evaluation capabilities, easy upgrades, and a more simplified learning process.  By automating and integrating many administrative tasks, instructors get to focus more on their core function—to facilitate learning—instead of spending hours on non-core tasks that can now be accomplished much faster.

ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management Division offers the Learning Management System (LMS) that’s just right for you! Powered by Totara, our ADEC Innovations LMS combines our eLearning expertise, instructional design and content experience to provide you the one truly effective and cost-efficient learning platform you will ever need to give your students the learning advantage they deserve, as well as to advance the career competencies of your academic and administrative staff. Totara LMS is one of the world’s most functionally rich learning platforms, delivering learning effectively through individualized learning plans that can be implemented quickly at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

We can design, configure and set-up an LMS aligned to your objectives and standards.  With our LMS, learners are empowered through various types of learning, whether self-paced, collaborative, instructor-led or social.  It can help track the learning, performance and development of users and provide relevant data to trainers, educators, team managers and administrators. Our LMS is designed with a modern and easy-to-use interface, mobile capabilities, strong administration functions, applications for group-based learning.  More importantly, you can rest assured that you have access to ADEC Innovations timely and efficient support services to ensure the success of your program implementation.

The Partnership with Totara

ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management (KM) Division has partnered with Totara to offer extensive corporate and academic eLearning solutions that meet your business needs.

Totara LMS is an open-source and custom distribution of Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management platform, with scalable, configurable and enriched features to address the needs of the modern corporate environment.

We combine our eLearning expertise, instructional design and content experience with our strong partnership with Totara to provide you a comprehensive range of services – consultancy, implementation, training, custom configuration, systems integration, migration services, cloud or managed hosting, theme design and after-sales support – in order to create real impact in your organization.

As a proud partner of Totara, KM offers key benefits designed to meet the design requirements of your corporate and academic Learning Management System (LMS). These include:

  • New hire orientation and onboarding portals
  • Competency management
  • Team management
  • Classroom management
  • Individual development plans
  • Product training portals
  • Qualifications and apprenticeship programs
  • Certifications and re-certifications management
  • Mobile learning
  • Social learning through Totara Social
  • Custom reports

We work with you to ensure that you have access to high-quality, tailored eLearning solutions that are practical, cost-effective and innovative in support of your business initiatives and organizational objectives.