School Management System (SMS)


School Management System (SMS)

Many organizations are data-intensive enterprises, requiring that managers and administrators have some way to manage their data for sound decision-making. This is why businesses that recognize this need turn to business process management software called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  But ERP functionalities are not just for corporate organizations.  Academic institutions also have to deal with large amounts of data, ranging from grades and enrollment to financial data on various fees.  And this is why ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management division has developed for your school our highly customizable School Management System (SMS).

Complete from inquiry and admissions to enrollment, our SMS offers a broad range of capabilities to help your school deliver your services better to all your stakeholders.  Administrators will find easy access to data for strategic analysis and organizational planning.  Teachers will find our modules to be useful and applicable to a wide variety of teaching duties.  Students love our SMS for facilitating processes like enrollment and billing more efficiently, and parents definitely appreciate the functionalities that allow them to monitor their children’s academic progress.

Our SMS is an end-to-end solution that can be designed and configured according to your curriculum, systems and standards. Students, instructors and parents can monitor tasks, attendance and grades using their respective portals. We can also personalize the look and feel of the SMS based on your institution’s brand and users, and provide any other special SMS features that your school may require. Through our SMS, school administrators can shift focus from managing day-to-day operations to providing quality services to the school community.

Our SMS is intuitive, allowing the easy creation of reports.  Through our various SMS modules, you can create visualizations of your institution’s performance with data from your day-to-day operations, have a more complete grasp of your organization’s finances with our detailed accounting system, create secure portals for different types of stakeholders, and customize and automate report generation for your specific grading system.

More importantly, you can count on ADEC Innovations’ amazingly helpful team of technical support personnel to support your implementation and walk you through any task at hand.  ADEC Innovations leverages both its solutions development and business process management capabilities to give you the data management support that you deserve.  
The time to get in touch with us is now. Efficiently manage your organization’s online enrolment, classroom assignments, scheduling and monitoring of fees and payments through our School Management System!