Corporate Profile

ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management (KM) Division provides world-class solutions, services, and products that maximize the utilization of the knowledge assets of organizations and enterprises, thus empowering them to work smarter and faster, as well as to develop actionable insights. We leverage ADEC Innovations’ technological resources to improve organizations’ ability to make informed decisions, streamline processes, maximize investments and drive revenue.

Our modern solutions, suites and services are designed to seamlessly integrate into clients’ business practices, helping facilitate efficient processes and yield real, competitive value. The synergy among our product offering, technological services and information management capabilities yields an effective and customizable system that can adapt to any knowledge management requirement. Ours is a scalable and sustainable technology infrastructure that helps organizations capitalize on their knowledge management investments, accelerate growth and sustain organizational longevity.


Founded the A-Plus Chinese Language Center and Preschool,  an educational institution that offered a  Dual Language Program in English and Mandarin.


Received TESDA certification to offer Mandarin Language Program


A-Plus launched its Chinese Mandarin program to reach out to educational and corporate institutions.


November – Launching of A-Plus English Online to provide live online English training


 Received authorization from Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students.

A-Plus changed its name to A-Plus International School.

May – Opening of Xiamen, China office.


A-Plus launched the Mandarin Online Program where teachers stationed in our Xiamen center delivered synchronous classes in the Philippines.

Acquired Silay Institute.


BPO ASIA Institute was founded, servicing eLearning needs of academe & industry.


A-Plus Languages was launched, covering Mandarin, Spanish, Nihongo, French, English conducted online or face to face.


Knowledge Management

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management division is a key player in learning and development and the educational services industry. We bring customized learning solutions that facilitate effective learning in both academic and corporate settings.
Silay Institute

As Silay City’s premier college, Silay Institute builds on its rich 90-year tradition by incorporating the latest innovations and technologies to prepare its students to become highly competitive in dynamic professional settings in the global marketplace.
A-Plus International School

Recognized as a premier language learning institution specializing in Chinese (Mandarin), English and Spanish, A-Plus International School provides young learners the ideal environment for holistic child development.

Partners and Affiliations

ADEC Innovations' Global Partner Program consists of contractors and technology companies that specialize in business support services that help organizations maximize the utility of their organizational knowledge and information assets to optimize operational efficiency, develop innovative products and ensure a customer-centric approach to service delivery. If you're a private contractor, a consultancy firm, a software vendor or a professional group seeking to expand your services or update your solutions to address new market dynamics and demands, our programs help you create new revenue streams in the field of knowledge management.


If you're looking for assurances that your knowledge management solutions partner takes advantage of certified business practices, look no further. ADEC Innovations has access to industry certifications and accreditations acknowledging our commitment and adherence to recognized best practices.

Management Team

ADEC Innovations is comprised of experts in knowledge management, who collaborate with clients to develop the solutions that drive the highest return on investment.

James Donovan Photo

As Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jim brings 25 years of investment banking expertise and entrepreneurial vision into the company.

James DonovanChief Executive Officer

Carol Esguerra Photo

As Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Carol negotiates high-level partnerships and acquisitions using her investment banking expertise.

Carol EsguerraChief Financial Officer

 Lilian Reventar Photo

With over two decades of corporate leadership experience, Lilian heads ADEC Innovations' Knowledge Management division in creating innovative learning and development solutions for corporate and academic clients.


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ADEC Innovations ESG Solutions

ADEC Innovations Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions help you facilitate your sustainability programs by making accurate assessments and developing cost-effective applications to reduce your operating costs, risks and carbon footprint, and helping you meet your business goals.


GOAL empowers its members to meet the growing education and training needs of the distance learning communities.

GOAL shares knowledge, builds best practices and pursues the promotion of policy to set standards and improve understanding among members and professionals engaged in distance and e-learning.

Disseminating research and collaborating with global institutions, government agencies, educational institutions and organizations form the support that is shared among members and affiliates.


Envirosite Corporation provides outsourced environmental data and research solutions to help identify existing or potential environmental concerns through the interactive WorkBench platform.

Envirosite is the only real-time advanced technological platform available offering the flexibility for data customization to meet your unique needs. Envirosite optimizes and revolutionizes the way environmental engineers and consultants, financial lenders and insurance companies receive and use data.

ADEC China

ADEC China hosts all our company’s services, with special emphasis on the eLearning solutions of our Knowledge Management Division through A-Plus Languages. ADEC China transforms organizations by enhancing learning and development, and providing data management support.

ADEC Kenya

ADEC Kenya is an expert in bringing cost-effective onshore and offshore BPO solutions globally. ADEC Kenya foresees continuous growth and development in the outsourcing industry that can help establish Kenya’s place in the global business community. Strategically located south of Kenya’s central business district, ADEC Kenya has become a trusted business partner and one of the leading outsourcing pioneers in the country and in the African continent.

ADEC Preview

ADEC Preview is one of Australia's leading innovative document scanning and document archiving companies, providing a vast range of document outsourcing services for companies seeking new ways to achieve higher performance by reducing costs.

With 25+ years’ industry experience, ADEC Preview fulfills your every digitization requirement.

ADEC Solutions

The importance of documents and records is critical to healthcare organizations. What sets ADEC Solutions apart is 20+ years’ industry experience coupled with a wide range of outsourcing services that make document processing and archiving processes more efficient and cost-effective. ADEC Solutions’ teams of highly trained and security-cleared staff, along with the latest scanning equipment and technologies available, deliver the highest quality output in the shortest possible turnaround.


ADEC SAAS has a proven, successful track record for delivering technology and data management solutions throughout global supply chains. ADEC SAAS has supported numerous scoring programs, including CDP and developing and implementing the ZDHC Data Standards across 12 countries.

ADEC SAAS excels in programs that are focused on making a difference where innovation and collaboration intersect with the need for data management, technology and subject matter expertise.

ADEC Technology

ADEC Technology offers end-to-end development solutions ranging from initial application development, to delivery and application support and maintenance.

ADEC Technology combines multidisciplinary expertise in delivering business solutions, program management and software services with expertise in back-office data processing to deliver cost-effective energy, sustainability and supply chain solutions to diverse organizations across the globe. ADEC Technology specializes in enabling clients to leverage the power of outsourcing to overcome challenges and achieve tangible, measurable results.


With industry knowledge and proven experience in outsourcing, American Data Exchange (AMDATEX) is a market leader that empowers partners to focus on their core business.

AMDATEX increases efficiencies and improves your overall business operations. Deploying certified best practices using the most advanced technology for digital data capture, character recognition, data conversion, database creation and archiving, AMDATEX partners with you to develop and implement customized outsourced solutions.

Pharma KPO

Pharma KPO offers a wide range of services, from high-end drug discovery research and clinical trials, to market research and analytics, and training content creation on diverse topics.

PharmaKPO has 10+ years’ experience in outsourced medical and drug information project management. The company applies its expertise to provide support to organizations around the world so they can focus on their core competency – to cure the world's deadliest diseases.