Junior EduTech Developer


Under the supervision of the Systems Development Manager, this position is responsible for developing applications for internal and external clients. Major job responsibilities include: collaborating with the project manager, other developers, and quality control during development phase; analyzing requirements of project to determine the appropriate algorithms to use and ensuring proper documentation of each developed application; researching and evaluating software or hardware that may assist in development or may be used as program platforms; creating technical design documentation of assigned projects; and analyzing new programs and upgrades of externally developed application. This role requires excellent programming skills and understanding of relational databases.


  • Works closely with the development team and other project members in the gathering, organization, and analysis of the client’s requirements.
  • Researches on technologies and approaches critical to the system's architecture; and evaluates software or hardware that may be used as program platforms.
  • Analyzes specifications, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic.
  • Converts the project requirements, specifications and statement of problems into an architecture and design that will become the blueprint for the solution being created.
  • Translates algorithms and technical specifications into computer source-code, while ensuring adherence to programming standards and format.
  • Commits source code to the file repository.
  • Collaborates with the development team and other project members regarding functionality details needed to design and prototype the system.
  • Coordinates with the database administrator for the database design.
  • Prepares a prototype or story board of the system for the client’s approval.
  • Coordinates with the development team lead and project manager with regard to the project’s development schedule.
  • Prepares system design specification document based on the approved system requirement specification.
  • Runs unit tests to find errors and to confirm if program meets specifications.
  • Analyzes codes to find causes of errors and revises programs.
  • Performs code walkthroughs in order to understand/evaluate how the code works in the system, thereby ensuring its quality.
  • Provides technical assistance by responding to inquiries or problems within the program.
  • Discusses suggestions, recommendations, or improvements to the development team and other project members.
  • Writes and maintains documentation to describe the written program (e.g. Technical Design & Installation Documentation), including documentation of each project iteration.
  • Ensures compliance to company rules and regulations, which shall include but not limited to the Employee Code of Discipline, the policies on Quality Management System (QMS), Information Security Management System (ISMS), Environment Health & Safety (EHS), and Environmental Management System (EMS); and other duties and responsibilities prescribed for all AMDATEX employees.
  • Ensures compliance of all Non-Conformity Corrective Action Preventive Action Concession (NCAPACs) and all other audit findings within the prescribed period.
  • Reports security incidents and / or any identified security weaknesses.
  • Performs other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.


  • Graduate of a 4-yr course preferably relating to Information Technology or Computer Science.
  • At least one (1) year of relevant and related experience in Information Technology or Software Development.
  • Knowledgeable in any of the following programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, LESS, NodeJS, AngularJS.
  • Knowledgeable in any of the following frameworks: MVC (Model-View-Controller), Codeigniter, CakePHP, PHP Symfony, PHP Zend, Bootstrap, JQuery.
  • Knowledgeable in any of the following Relational Database Systems, such as: MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, PostGreSQL, Oracle.
  • With background in Agile or Waterfall.
  • Understands object-oriented programming paradigm.
  • Knowledgeable in any of the following IDE: Dreamweaver, Netbeans, Eclipse.
  • Knowledgeable in setting up of Web Server: Windows IIS (Internet Information Service), XAMPP, LAMPP.
  • Knowledgeable in setting up and using any of the following code versioning: SVN, Git.
  • With background in Web Responsive Design for mobile adaptability.
  • With background in any of the Web Management Systems: Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems.


How to apply:

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management is an equal opportunity employer. Please email your resume with cover letter and salary history to recruitment@adec-innovations.com with "EduTech Developer, Last Name, First Name" in the subject heading.