ADEC Innovations to Enter into Partnership with Humanitarian Learning Academy

ADEC Innovations to Enter into Partnership with Humanitarian Learning Academy Photo

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management is laying the groundwork for establishing a partnership with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) Philippines Center, an international non-profit organization that gives people access to learning resources, tools and platforms that enable global learning focused on efficient and effective disaster risk reduction and management.

Operating in a country prone to disaster, HLA endeavors to support the development of skills and humanitarian learning through digital tools, face-to-face training and mentoring support so that preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery are more effective, immediate and local.

ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan views the partnership as a perfect opportunity for his organization—an impact investing company focused on creating sustainable business solutions—to contribute to nation-building through education.

“Improving humanitarian learning is a major initiative that can ensure the preparedness of individuals and ultimately save lives,” Donovan remarked. “HLA’s work is truly remarkable, and we are excited to be part of it.”

Currently, HLA has centers in strategic global locations, including Kenya and the Philippines.  As one of the topmost countries to regularly experience calamities brought about by typhoons, HLA’s presence in the Philippines is a crucial step in providing the support Filipinos need to stay resilient in the face of disasters.

As they move towards their goal of bringing revolutionary learning techniques and technologies to growing areas, the academy has chosen ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management to be a major partner in developing eLearning content and resources for their local online humanitarian courses.

“We are ready to level up on learning innovation in the Philippines,” said Ms. Joyce Pilapil, Center Director of HLA Philippines Academy.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management’s expertise in eLearning content development and instructional design makes the company a perfect match for HLA’s digital learning initiatives.

“By combining technology and existing learning facilities,” explained Donovan, “eLearning can bring best-class education to far-flung places in the Philippines at much more cost-effective ways.”

HLA’s self-paced learning modules tackle humanitarian leadership, volunteerism and management, and are delivered through Kaya, their own learning management system platform.

With the shared goal of creating real impact and change through sustainable development and innovative learning, ADEC Innovations and HLA plan to collaborate on eLearning projects for disaster and risk management in the country.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management is a global innovator in the educational services industry. It brings sustainable and customized learning solutions to facilitate both professional and academic development.

By providing more accessible learning opportunities to the humanitarian sector, HLA aims to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. HLA works through collaboration and partnerships with the public and private sectors, civil society organizations, international and national NGOs, locale government units, and the academe, among others.