LMS Training


LMS Training

A Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most important tools of eLearning because this is where all online courses and training modules are built into.

The institutional use of an LMS leads to many possible benefits:

  • It provides a centralized source for information and education that is accessible anytime and anywhere to multiple users.
  • Its scalability allows learning modules to be easily adapted and upgraded, depending on the organization’s present and future requirements.
  • It helps learners achieve performance milestones faster, develop specialized skills and increase productivity.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management’s LMS Training provides comprehensive and in-depth instruction on how educational institutions, businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations can use the LMS to initiate blended learning, distance education and other eLearning projects.

We teach content creators, educators and administrators how to:

  • manage, configure and optimize the LMS
  • set up and manage online courses
  • designing personalized eLearning environments
  • effectively use tracking, recording and assessment tools
  • monitor, record and evaluate user progress