3 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider MOOCs


ADEC Innovations KM MOOCs address business challengesMassive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are one of the disruptive technologies sweeping the education scene and it can create more value for employers willing to take advantage of the rich learning opportunities it can provide to corporate learning and development. MOOCs offer great solutions for companies’ problems related to recruitment, hiring and professional development because MOOCs are usually focused and practical courses that build specific set of skills that are invaluable to organizations. Here are three reasons why employers should consider using MOOCs to enhance their corporate training and recruitment opportunities:

1. Practical career development for employees

MOOCs are free, there are no entry requirements, and they are provided by top notch universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of California, Berkeley. Your employees can easily take these free quality learning materials and courses using multiple devices, at their own convenience, and at their own pace. Flexibility is the one of the key characteristics of MOOCs so using them for your corporate training will not put any significant constraints on their productive time at work.

MOOCs can also lower your training cost. There are no travel expenses, accommodation expenses, or consultants’ fees. If you are going to create your own MOOCs, the initial investment in course content development is amortized with each training session as it could serve an unlimited number of employees for an indefinite period. Global organizations, like L’Oreal which offered a Public Speaking MOOC to train its employees, are finding this organizational learning approach an excellent, accessible, and cost-effective educational choice.

2. Recruitment of talent

Research shows that people who take online courses tend to be well-educated and self-motivated to build their careers. From an employer’s perspective, MOOCs are superb channels to find talented, college degree holders who are actively developing their skills and knowledge in specific areas of interest, especially in the field of information and communications technology where there is a massive shortage of skilled professionals.

Another way to recruit talented people is to offer your own MOOC. If your company has something notable to teach, you will be able to connect with thousands of interested individuals all over the world at one time. One example is AT&T which partnered with Georgia Tech and Udacity to offer an online Master’s degree in Computer Science.

3. Personal development as a retention tool

Some companies have found MOOCs to be an effective employee retention tool. Employees can take courses in any field, regardless of its relevance to their current position, to pursue their own personal interests. This kind of employee benefit seems to appeal to workers’ desire for a better work-life balance.

By fueling your employees’ desire to further their education and develop their different skills, MOOCs can allow your employees to stay on top of what’s going on in their fields of interests and become invaluable sources of fresh ideas and innovation, which can add vital perspectives and diversity to the workplace. Furthermore, since MOOCs offer discussion forums with other course participants around the world, your employees can help your company build a wider network of talents and experts which you can tap into as you progress toward becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Demand for MOOC learning continues to grow as innovations around the MOOC platform are making it an indispensable and valuable tool for corporate learning. MOOCs also help in plugging skill shortages within organizations by providing quality training in specific areas that traditional degrees cannot immediately cover. Thus, MOOCs are becoming a more permanent fixture in a potential employee’s CV as evidence of acquired skills and education. 

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