5 Essential Steps to Engage your Tech-Resistant Employees


ADEC Innovations KM solutions are user-friendlyEmergent technologies are crucial catalysts in the growth of myriad corporate training available to organizations. Opportunities to develop an assortment of creative learning blends and to utilize them for workplace learning has multiplied through the years. But frequently, we see employees shy away and struggle against these innovations. How do you motivate tech-resistant employees to embrace technology? These 5 essential steps can help ease your employees into the tech bandwagon so that they can reap the full benefits of your corporate eLearning program.

1. Be clear on your objectives

Before you even begin creating your corporate eLearning program, you need to ensure that the courses you are going to offer should be highly relevant to your organization. What are your objectives? Is it communicating your corporate culture to the new hires? Or is it training your current employees to acquire new skills to fill knowledge gaps? Consider your IT infrastructure, such as your hardware, software and connectivity. A complete and updated audience research, training needs analysis and task analysis should be available prior to designing your online instructional content.

2. Promote the benefits

Employees who are resistant about eLearning would be willing to give it a try if you tell them about the benefits that they would get when they engage with your online training program. You can sell them the value of your program through an internal marketing campaign. Incentives, such as accreditations, certificates, and other tangible rewards can help boost your employees’ motivations as they understand how your online program will benefit their on-the-job performance, career development, and even personal relationships.

3. Highlight the course’s track record

Positive reviews, testimonials and evidence from previous course participants highlighting the effectiveness of your eLearning strategies can increase the chance of your tech-resistant employees trying out your online courses. Show them past feedback forms such as surveys or focus group notes so that they can make an overall impression of how the program would benefit them.

4. Acquaint them slowly to the program

Ease them slowly and steadily into the new technology by giving them supplemental eLearning resources and online activities. Familiarize them with your eLearning software such as your Learning Management System (LMS). Then, as they warm up to the technology, mix in interactive eLearning activities, simulations and other multimedia elements so they can make the most of the technology tools that are available to them.

5. Seek feedback

To be able to create a track record for your eLearning courses and to help you improve your corporate eLearning strategy, you need to seek feedback from your current learners. This also gives tech-resistant learners an avenue to express their concerns and opinions. Online exams, scenarios, simulations, interactive games, course evaluation surveys and test evaluation surveys are all effective assessment tools to check if your eLearning program adheres to the course objectives.

Technology has the power to create rich learning experiences for your employees, but only if the employees are receptive. By following these essential guidelines, you will be able to help your employees feel more favorable towards corporate eLearning courses and be more willing to jump online and learn.  

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