5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Corporate eLearning


ADEC Innovations KM offers  solutions for eLearning needsInnovations in Information Technology have revolutionized the education experience in recent years, with eLearning continually transforming the workforce training and development landscape. For business enterprises looking for ways to advance their training programs, eLearning offers numerous benefits to enhance their employees’ professional development and to improve organizational performance and productivity.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in corporate eLearning:

1. Accessibility

Advancements in cloud computing, high-capacity corporate networks and high-speed desktop computers have made education available to people 24/7. These improvements have enabled businesses to administer training, critical information, and just-in-time requirements to multiple locations easily and conveniently. Employees from different geographical areas are able to participate in their company’s online courses with or without an internet connection. The learning content can be stored on a computer for offline use, and individuals can upload their results when they are back online. This allows employees to engage in bite-sized eLearning during their available schedules, whether they are at the office, in the field or at home.

2. Personalized Learning

Although eLearning content is consistent and standardized, eLearning allows students to complete courses at their own pace. Unlike traditional instructor-led classrooms, learners can repeat the lessons as much as they need and study it in ways that fit their learning styles until they have reached subject mastery. Learners can also choose from a wide variety of online courses offered by their companies.

3. Improved Retention

Gamification, mLearning, virtual and augmented reality, and video-based training are some of the latest learning tools that companies can use to provide their employees fun, focused and engaging training courses. Rich, interactive learning experiences have been proven to help learners retain more of the information they learn. Higher knowledge retention puts a higher value on every penny spent on corporate training.

4. Increased Collaboration

eLearning solutions can offer more collaboration opportunities among experts and peers as the accessibility and flexibility of eLearning allows faster connection among the members of the organization. eLearning enables teams from various geographies to work together using different teaching and communication techniques such as case studies, story-telling, demonstrations, role-playing, streamed videos, personalized coaching and mentoring, and discussion groups.

5. Cost Efficiency

By choosing eLearning, enterprises can reduce costs for training expenses such as travel, accommodation, meals, time out of the business, salaries of external trainers and consultants, and physical materials. Money saved can allow companies to train an entire department online for the same price as just one or two employees using traditional learning methods. Going for eLearning also means that courses can be cut into chunks and spread out over days or weeks so that the business would not lose an employee for entire days at a time. In addition, employees can improve productivity and save time since they no longer need to travel to get to class.

Advancement and efficiency are highly important to businesses today, and many organizations are turning to eLearning to reduce workforce training costs while providing a rich learning experience to their employees. No matter the nature of your business, having a well-trained and enthusiastic workforce is essential to your organizational success. 

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