How Can Academic and Corporate Learners Benefit From Gamification


ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management can help learners benefit from gamificationFor some people, video games carry a bad reputation because of how addictive it can be. It’s no wonder why parents think playing video games mean nothing but bad news for their kids especially with a market that at times profits for selling games depicting violence, sex and other illicit themes. Even adults are no strangers to the pitfalls of video gaming, as you may have heard horror stories of those who have succumbed to gaming addiction.

However, a 2016 study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that although the majority of households in the United States have at least one video gamer that plays more than 3 hours a week, 75% of these frequent gamers believe playing video games offer mental stimulation and educational value.

Today, most digital content creators and educators have tapped into the positive and productive side of gaming and turned it into something beneficial for learners of all ages. With the emergence of ‘gamification,’ a technique being used in both academic and corporate eLearning environments, educational and mentally stimulating digital content and experiences are now more prevalent compared to those that lack substance and value.

What is gamification and is it effective?

In a nutshell, gamification is the application of video game design elements to non-gaming contexts. This can be used for various purposes such as goal tracking, compliance training, motivation, customer engagement and the promotion of various advocacies to name a few.

As many studies present, the natural competitiveness of humans means the gamification of eLearning helps educators communicate their messages more effectively. Gamification helps learners stay motivated and engaged with an eLearning course because it taps into their basic need for control, validation and socialization. Continuous interaction with ‘gamified content’ can also promote mastery of a skill or task that can eventually lead to increased productivity and efficiency in school or the workplace. The concept of gamification gives both academic and corporate learners enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences compared to the traditional learning setup.

What are the benefits of gamification?

Gamification can help academic and corporate educators tackle or discuss complex topics in a simplified and engaging manner. According to Christopher Pappas, Founder and CEO of The eLearning Industry Network, gamification also provides a number of benefits with long-term positive effects to the learning process as well as the learning progress and satisfaction of an individual. Below is a run-down of the important benefits of gamification:

  1. It enhances the learning experience and increases learning engagement for students of all ages.
  2. It promotes improved knowledge absorption and retention.
  3. It makes the learning process less tedious, more enjoyable and interactive.
  4. It instructs learners on how they can apply the lesson or topic to real-world situations.
  5. It allows both instructor and student to easily monitor progress as it provides instant feedback.
  6. Mentally stimulating gamified content promotes the release of endorphins in the body contributing to increased satisfaction, excitement and motivation.
  7. eLearners are constantly rewarded with badges and points, which promote positive behavioral changes in the learner.

As learners continue to look for new, unique and highly engaging ways to learn, the demand and interest in gamification with regards to eLearning will also continue to grow. The future of both corporate and academic learning is looking bright as eLearning content creators have now found a way to combine gaming and education, paving the way for something that absolutely changes the game and reshapes man’s perception and reception towards learning in the 21st century.

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