Why Investing in eLearning is Necessary for Individuals and Organizations


Why Investing in eLearning is Necessary for Individuals and OrganizationsLearning is a continuous process that goes on even after we’ve received our diplomas from university. Because of the digital revolution, there is no excuse not to pursue learning outside the walls of a traditional classroom for personal enrichment. Age, distance and lack of time are no longer valid excuses as eLearning makes it possible for an individual to explore the world, and learn new skills and ideas without having to jeopardize current work schedules and commitments or leave one’s comfort zone while doing so.

eLearning is also a cost-effective solution for organizing and monitoring employee training in corporate settings. It promotes continuous learning and development within an organization, making it a useful tool for improving employee performance and proficiency in a skill or task. A prime example of this is learning a foreign language through online instruction or through webinars and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

How can individuals benefit from eLearning?

Taking an eLearning course promotes self-improvement making it a good investment for both individuals and businesses any day. It gives learners access to all sorts of information ranging from the most complex to the most practical. The great thing about the digital age is that it has opened doors for virtual classrooms, where courses from even the most prestigious schools like Harvard, Berkeley and MIT can be accessed by learners from all over the world. eLearning offers online learning opportunities to individuals regardless of age, social status or educational background, and allows them to experience quality education without having to spend for travel, lodging, visa applications and other expensive fees.

Furthermore, living in a fast-paced world means there is so little time and so much to do. eLearning makes it possible for individuals to learn independently and at their own pace no matter where in the world they are. eLearning courses usually only take half the time to complete compared to traditional face-to-face courses. This gives learners the chance to explore more courses in a short span of time, which is something that is hard to accomplish in a classroom-style learning environment.

How can businesses take advantage of eLearning?

It is not only individuals that can benefit from taking full advantage of eLearning courses. Because it is a cost-effective and sustainable solution, organizations can also earn more by investing in eLearning systems for staff training. Putting a learning management system (LMS) in place helps facilitate and manage eLearning courses for employees. It also allows easier performance monitoring, dissemination of courses and real-time feedback, allowing employees to embrace continuous learning and improvement within the organization they belong in. eLearning systems also allow the fast deployment of content, reaching hundreds or thousands of employees without having to spend a fortune on operational costs, instructors and other expenses. It is an effective means to reduce waste, increase profit and advocate lifelong learning.

Investing in eLearning is a Must in the Digital Age

As the digital age continues to thrive and expand, technology and the internet will play an even bigger role in the learning and development industry. According to an infographic by CertifyMe, a web-based certification company, half of all college courses worldwide will be taught online by 2019. Investing in eLearning is necessary for both personal improvement and the improvement of businesses and organizations. It is something that should be explored by everyone. At the rate things are changing, eLearning will soon no longer be just an option—it may well become the norm in the learning industry, whether academic or corporate.

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