Online Tutorials


Online Tutorials

Working with the right tutor can help you keep track of your learning goals, and teach you the value of discipline, persistence and self-motivation, especially in an online learning or distance education setting.

The importance of tutor support in online learning

  • Ample support from the tutor allows learners to perform on a same of level as students trained in a traditional classroom
  • The tutor can ensure that students are constantly involved in the course being taught
  • The tutor can engage their students  in dialogues, debates and discussions to ensure that the learners do not feel disengaged or bored during lessons
  • The tutor can facilitate collaborative learning that can be turned into a fruitful learning environment that promotes freedom of thought and expression

With the right learning coach in online tutorials, learners can:

  • Perform better in class
  • Tackle difficult lessons
  • Prepare efficiently for exams
  • Learn and practice test-taking techniques
  • Practice discipline, self-motivation and collaboration

At ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management, we know how important the right tutor is in helping learners achieve success. We must entrust the  learning process to the capable hands of certified and highly trained individuals who can adapt to varying learner traits while maximizing technology to create the best learning environment for their learners.