Content Management System (CMS)


Content Management System (CMS)

More than any other type of organization, academic institutions depend the most on the proper management of content. Schools need an online portal that can be easily accessed by all stakeholders, and showcase quality content that is relevant to the learning community.

Because content is a fundamental element of the learning process, it is necessary to regularly manage and update available content. ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management’s CMS is an ideal solution to help manage large volumes of content, and make it accessible to all members of a learning community.

What features should you look for in a CMS?

  • Students and faculty must be able to share files and resources, and upload course syllabi and requirements.
  • Teachers must be able to manage content in various formats for use in their classes.
  • School administrators need to be able to ensure that crucial information reaches the proper group of stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner.
  • It must enable organizations to modify website features to adapt to its users’ changing needs.
  • It must have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics integration to help in establishing the organization’s online presence.