Resource Optimization System (ROS)


Resource Optimization System (ROS)

Without a way to monitor how an organization utilizes its resources, it is difficult to measure operational efficiency. Constant monitoring the use of resources, manpower, machinery and financial assets are a crucial part of ensuring that all aspects of the organization are properly utilized and not wasted.

ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management’s ROS fully integrates software development capabilities with world-class expertise in operational management. It allows your organization to manage, schedule, monitor and track utilization of resources in real time, while the customizable system can generate performance and productivity reports. 

We can also help you configure the ROS to ensure that it adapts to your needs and fully maximize system capability in order to achieve your company’s goals.  This robust data management platform allows you to automate data recording, monitor virtually any metric, and establish use and consumption baselines in order to set improvement goals.

Our ROS can empower your business by:

  • Assisting you in reporting and graphing the precise metrics you need
  • Collecting data manually through web forms or through existing data sources
  • Providing assistance in efficient data entry and processing services through our experts
  • Helping you build repeatable and auditable procedures.
  • Giving you secure access to your data anytime
  • Allowing you to generate pre-populated editable reports

With our ROS, you can monitor, manage, and report all your water, energy, waste, material resources and other operational data easily and cost-effectively – so you can maximize results from all your assets.