School Management System (SMS)


School Management System (SMS)

School administrators and teachers are regularly faced with large amounts of data, ranging from student information to grades to financial data on various fees. It can be difficult to juggle these administrative responsibilities alongside day-to-day teaching tasks and interactions with students. ADEC Innovations Knowledge Management believes an excellent school does not just perform well in one aspect; it must be capable of achieving success in all areas whether in academics, extra-curricular or school management functions.

Our School Management System can assist your already competent teachers and staff and turn them into efficient and effective contributors to your school’s overall growth. Here’s what you can expect from our SMS:

  • A broad range of capabilities to help you deliver better services to your stakeholders
  • Easy access to data for strategic analysis and organizational planning
  • Available modules on handling teaching duties and implementing teaching strategies
  • Billing and enrollment functions
  • Parent access for grades and performance monitoring
  • Customized and automated report generation
  • Technical support and assistance during implementation

Easily monitor your learning institution’s day-to-day progress and send reports to concerned stakeholders using customized portals. Manageable tracking of both organizational operations and student performance will give you better insight on what to improve to make your school more competitive and efficient.

School Management System