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To appreciate the importance of knowledge management (KM) in the creation of a knowledge-based economy, we must first understand what sir Francis Bacon meant when he said knowledge is power. Indeed, continuous knowledge creation and sharing has allowed the world to advance by giving humanity access to information that enhances our capability to develop innovations that drive progress. Developing nations that have embraced modernization are proof that knowledge is a powerful tool for boosting economies especially in this digital age.

It is crucial to understand what millennial learning is all about, especially amidst the world’s varying opinions about the millennial generation. Some consider Generation Y as a lazy and entitled group that lacks a proper work ethic, but despite all these presumptions, millennials are slowly filling up the global workforce, and the need to engage them in training is crucial to ensuring their efficiency in the workplace.

Acquiring a learning management system (LMS) is a big step towards delivering innovative learning, whether in an academic or corporate environment. Schools and organizations of all sizes need a functionally rich LMS that will be able to keep up with rapid changes in the field of education and with the various learning requirements of individuals of with different ages, ethnicity and educational backgrounds.